e-staffing Co., Ltd. develops and operates e-staffing, a Web-based one-stoptemporary
employee management system. We work toward industry standardization,
operating our system from a neutral stance independent of temporary agencies.

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as of 6/30/2024

Company Profile

Corporate Name
e-staffing Co.,Ltd.
Start of business
October 1, 2002
Ichigo Jimbochou Bldg.,
1-11 Kandajimbochou, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0051
Development and operation of temporary staffing contract
management system Temporary staffing contract management
system services via Internet
Representative director Tomoko Fujieda
DirectorsTomoko Fujieda
(Pasona Inc.)

DirectorsTomomi Tanaka
(Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd.)

DirectorsKeigo Kondo

AuditorsTakuya Kinoshita
(Pasona Inc.)

AuditorsChihiro Watanabe
(Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd.)

AuditorsAtsuyuki Yokomizo
Pasona Group Inc. 33.3%
Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. 33.3%


  • De facto standard

    We were founded on October 1, 2002, by three companies - Pasona Inc.,
    Tempstaff Co., Ltd., and Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. - with the goal of creating the first standardized e-commerce model in the temporary staffing industry.
    Six months later, in April 2003, we have finally launched services for our e-staffing Web-based one-stop temporary staffing contract management system. We are committed to making this system the de-facto standard for e-commerce in the temporary staffing industry.

  • Compliance

    We are not a temporary agency. We are a provider of B2B temporary staffing contract management systems services. Our mission is to contribute to society by facilitating business between our client companies and temporary staffing agencies. In this sense, we consider our highest priority to be keeping our system in compliance with relevant laws, including the Workers Dispatch Law and Labor Standards Law. As deregulation progresses in Japan, we will respond quickly to maintain compliance with any changes in the law.

  • Protection of confidentiality

    We were founded as a joint venture between Japan's 3 largest temporary staffing agencies. Our goal is not to benefit any particular temporary staffing agency; rather, we aim to contribute to the temporary staffing industry as a whole. We operate independently of temporary staffing agencies, and as such, we keep any information entered by our clients and temporary staffing agencies completely compartmentalized from all other parties. You can use our system with peace of mind.

  • Lower costs

    Our long-term goal is to achieve a large user base, and continually lower the fees we charge to temporary staffing agencies for placements on the system.
    We are committed to making our system inexpensive and easy to use for temporary staffing agencies.

  • Top-notch service

    We have a help desk, in order to quickly respond to any questions or issues that our clients, temporary staff, or temporary staffing agencies may have regarding the e-staffing system. We will also continually improve our system, not only to maintain compliance with any changes in the law, but also to allow its more effective use for temporary staffing.